A Whole New World…

Anyone that knows me knows that I grew up LOVING classic Disney. My two favorite classics were Lion King and Aladdin! It was important to share my love for these classics with my students before they leave 2nd grade. I decided to start reading the new novelization of Aladdin that was released for the live action version. It was a hefty undertaking for 2nd graders, weighing in at a whopping 295 pages. They clung to every word, fascinated by the storytelling of this classic. They constantly asked questions and begged for the next chapter!

The more I read the story to them, the more I wished that they could all see the live action remake. I wanted them to experience the “magic” that I experienced the first time I saw the cartoon version.

So a week ago, I decided it was worth a shot and I spoke to a few parents about an idea. ? Less than a day later, the theater had reserved the room for all of my classroom families so that we could all attend after school for the opening weekend!

We went as one big giant family after school today! Over 50 of us attended. Seeing the excitement in the faces of my students was worth every second of sharing my love of this classic story. Seeing classroom parents, siblings, grandparents, and my students come together to just enjoy community was inspiring! I firmly believe that if true community is top priority, learning will naturally follow. I cannot think of a better way to wrap up a wonderful two years with these amazing people! My heart is full tonight! ❤️

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